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Making an investment decision can be a complex process.  In the public sector and large private sector organisations, for significant proposals, this is often a multi-stage process that follows the development of a business case, usually involving:

  • Detailed scrutiny of the business case, including due diligence of any financial information, fact checking and general credibility assessment by multiple stakeholders and subject matter experts (SMEs)

  • Recommendation to the Management Board (Accounting Officer in the public sector)

  • Formal investment decision by Management Board/Accounting Officer


If multiple sources of funding are involved to support the investment (which is increasingly common in the public sector), this process may have to be repeated for each ‘Approval Authority’.


We are experienced in navigating these scrutiny and approvals processes at the UK Government level (for major projects); the local government level and with devolved administrations.  Our experience also extends to private sector scrutiny and approval processes.

We can support you by:

  • Undertaking the detailed scrutiny of the business case to provide Approval Authorities with an approval recommendation

  • Undertaking ‘health check’ reviews of programmes and projects involving targeted stakeholder interviews to form a view on delivery confidence and providing SROs (or Approval Authorities) with a clear assessment and recommendations for improvement


The process of navigating approval can also be a significant project with challenging logistics and communication requirements!  We are experienced in leading programmes and projects through these formal processes, presenting and tailoring messages appropriately to the audience (SMEs will want the detail, Management Boards will want the confidence SMEs have reviewed the detail and usually require a concise, high-level overview).

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