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Stefan Sanchez
Screenshot 2023-03-21 095424.png
Fiona Waters Senior Associate

Experienced in applying the Five Case Model to develop a wide range of investments, across education, health, IT infrastructure and organisational transformation as well as extensive scrutiny and approval experience.  Stefan is an experienced business case trainer.

Fiona is a Cambridge economist with a career spanning more than 25 years and 20 countries.

She is highly regarded for her insight and creativity in turning complex financial and economic issues into pragmatic objectives and actions.

Fiona is Adjunct Professor at Hong Kong University, department of Urban Planning & Design and is a Board Member of A Plastic Ocean Foundation

Graham Boydell
Senior Associate
Bill Harkins
Senior Associate

Very experienced (10+ years) IPA High Risk projects Gateway Review Team Leader.

Extensive Five Case Model expertise in transport, regulation, energy and IT infrastructure.

A highly competent and organised professional with strong strategic management, critical incident and programme management abilities, strategic ICT skills and business acumen. A committed team player, self-motivated with the gravitas to communicate at all levels with 32 years' police experience, latterly as Assistant Chief Constable.

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